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Welcome to the Columbiana United Methodist Church website! Please, feel free to scroll down and learn more about what we do, click on the links under "Learn More About Us" or explore around our website through the navigator links and check out our ministries, outreach groups and resources.

What is CUMC?


When and how long are Sunday services?

  • Modern Service / 9AM - 10AM
  • Sunday School / 10AM - 11AM
  • Traditional Service / 11AM - 12PM

Learn more about our Sunday services here.

Our Worship Style

Modern services are upbeat, energetic services filled with high impact praise and discovery of the Lord's message.

Traditional services is a more, well, traditional take on Sunday services through powerful hymns, Bible readings and moving sermons and messages.

What about my children?

No matter if they are toddlers or youth, we provide high quality Sunday lessons, ministries and activities for all ages so your child may grow closer to God - and just happen to make some new friends along the way!

Any kind of dress code?

While no dress code exists in writing, we do encourage you to show up to traditional service in your "Sunday best'. However, our modern service is far more laid back with the dress code - though we don't advise wearing PJs since we wouldn't want you falling asleep on us.

Am I expected to donate money?

In short: no. We do not require you to donate money to be a member of CUMC nor expect donations from you over time as a member. However, any donations are more than appreciated and help us grow together.

If I attend, then will I have to speak?

Also in short: no. Though we would all like to learn more about you, at no point will you be expected to speak, introduce yourself or stand in front of the congregation. However, if you want to introduce yourself to the church, then we are more than happy to listen.

Can I meet the Pastor?

Absolutely. Our Pastor, Buster Timmons, is more than happy to meet with you.

Who attends CUMC?

Everyone of age attends CUMC. Whether a child or a senior, we provide a home to nurture your faith and be involved in a great communtiy!

Missing anything?

Email or Call us at 205-669-7164 to learn more.